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A map showing the location of the Hillsdale business district in SW Portland south of OHSU.

Hillsdale Has It!

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Just a few minutes from downtown Portland, nestled in the southwest hills, you will discover Hillsdale, home to a variety of locally owned and operated restaurants, shops, salons, and so much more!

You are sure to find something special here.

Hillsdale is home to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market, the Hillsdale branch of the Multnomah Public Library, and three schools in the Portland Public Schools system.  Our annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast brings merchants and residents together every summer since 1976.

Come visit and see for yourself that Hillsdale Has It!

Hillsdale tees, sweatshirts, and onesies are available! Learn more. 

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Hillsdale Food Park sign.
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Verde Cocina restaurant sign

Dear Hillsdale Friends,
You may have noticed some new lane markings on Capitol Highway through the Hillsdale business district. Traffic patterns have changed, but Hillsdale businesses remain open and ready to serve you!
New bus-and-turn-only lanes have been installed by Portland Bureau of Transportation as part of the citywide Rose Lane transit project. When arriving from the west, access the parking lot driveways on the south side of Capitol Highway by entering the curbside lane where the arrows indicate cars are permitted, and make your right turn into the parking lot. Customers arriving from the east may turn left across westbound traffic lanes to enter the parking lot as before.
During an initial mitigation phase, PBOT is monitoring the changes to measure the impact on residents and businesses. Please share your feedback about the Hillsdale Rose Lanes with PBOT and the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association.
Hillsdale businesses thank you for your support!

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