A map showing the location of the Hillsdale business district in SW Portland south of OHSU.

Hillsdale Has It!

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The Hillsdale Business and Professional Association has asked for a three-year delay on the Rose Lane Project, which will turn portions of SW Capitol Highway through Hillsdale's business district into bus-and-turn-only lanes, diverting customers away from businesses and adding to congestion on ill-equipped local residential streets.

  • PBOT admits the $200,00.00 Rose Lane Project will provide no benefit in TriMet transit times at current traffic counts.

  • The original project was justified based on pre-pandemic traffic counts.  With so many people still working from home, it is not clear if traffic will ever reach pre-pandemic counts again. 

  • HBPA and Hillsdale Neighborhood Association have raised serious concerns that the standard Rose Lane Project design will negatively impact both commercial and residential areas.

HBPA and HNA are not against the Rose Lane Project as a whole, but instead are asking PBOT to create a plan that addresses actual needs and fits into the unique layout of Capitol Hwy through Hillsdale.  

Sign the petition and join HBPA and the HNA in urging the Portland Bureau of Transportation to delay this project to allow more time to see if traffic and transit ridership return to pre-pandemic levels 

and give local businesses a chance to recover from the pandemic.

Learn more and read the petition here. 


Use this link to sign the petition online https://www.change.org/DelayRoseLaneProject . 
(Note: After you submit your 'signature' on the petition there is an option to donate to change.org. A donation is not required).

You can also visit one of the Hillsdale businesses listed below to add your signature:

  • Paloma Clothing

  • UPS Store

  • Hoot N Annie Resale Boutique for Women & Children

  • Portland Camera Service

  • Hillsdale Pizzicato

  • Gurton's Plant Shop

  • OnPoint Credit Union - Hillsdale

  • Cuttle Fish and Corals

  • State Farm – Hillsdale
  • Hillsdale Chiropractic & 
    Rehabilitation Center
  • Re/Max Equity Group - Hillsdale

In addition to signing the petition, please also email your feedback on the Hillsdale Rose Lane project to the following city officials who have the power to make changes to the plan:

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty joann@portlandoregon.gov
Chris Warner, PBOT Director: PBOTDirector@portlandoregon.gov
Mayor Ted Wheeler:
Commissioner Mingus Mapps: mappsoffice@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Carmen Rubio: comm.rubio@portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Dan Ryan: commissionerryanoffice@portlandoregon.gov

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fresh carrots and purple cauliflower

Just a few minutes from downtown Portland, nestled in the southwest hills, you will discover Hillsdale, home to a variety of locally owned and operated restaurants, shops, salons, and so much more!

You are sure to find something special here.

Hillsdale is home to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market, the Hillsdale branch of the Multnomah Public Library, and three schools in the Portland Public Schools system.  Our annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast brings merchants and residents together every summer since 1976.

Come visit and see for yourself that Hillsdale Has It!

A photo of the Hillsdale mural at the bike plaza
Hillsdale Food Park sign.
Tree with holiday lights
Verde Cocina restaurant sign